Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Commemorating an Extra 40 Years....

Today, Tuesday, August 12th is the 40th Anniversary of the rescue of my father, brother and me on Lake Superior by three brave park rangers.

My family is again celebrating the anniversary with a quick trip up to the UP and Michigan's Porcupine Mountain State Park.

Family members who live in Houston, Minneapolis, Carbondale, Illinois and McHenry, Illinois are all joining me for the pilgrimmage to Lake Superior's southern shoreline. My Mom, Dad and brother will all be there and my sister's two sons Bryan and Evan will also make the trip.

We'll head up to the old mine adit at the M-107 look-out this afternoon. We'll pull out the telescope that the rangers used to spot our tiny sailboat on the horizon 40 years ago and look where they looked. Tuesday is also the peak day for the Perseid meteor showers, so we'll be using the same telescope to look up in the heavens for shooting stars. i'll look for the rangers, too. Surely they're up there, too.

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