Sunday, August 24, 2008


Great win by Fulham yesterday. 1-0 over Arsenal at Craven Cottage. Watching the game at The Highbury Pub in Milwaukee - a friendly soccer bar whose very name was taken from Arsenal's former grounds.

The bar was populated mainly with Gooners and my hopes and dreams were managed in increments. From the start, i was publicly cheering for a scoreless first 20 minutes. Amazingly the Whites achieved that goal then actually scored on a fearless goal mouth effort by Dallas born Brede Hangeland on a 21st minute cross from Jimmy Bullard.

After a minute of celebration, my hopes rose to gaining a halftime draw. Fulham exceeded those managed expectations by playing real soccer - possessing, attacking, controlling - for the first time in memory. A desperate Arsenal squad was unable to muster more than a couple solid attempts at goal the rest of the game and Fulham won the battle of Londoners 1-0.

It's no longer FulhAmerica, but it's still my EPL side. More importantly, the Fulhamometer earned its first three points of the year towards an expected 40 needed to avoid relegation!


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