Tuesday, August 5, 2008


Women's Professional Soccer (WPS) became the first major professional sports league in the world* to create its own social networking site today with the launch of the online WPS Fan Zone branded for now as "Beijing Now, WPS Next".

The site includes behind the scenes video like this piece from Leslie Osborne. This is another indication that this League is going to be very smart and efficient in the way it connects with its fan base.

i'll try to communicate regularly with Red Stars fans through my page on the site.

More information on the site is available here.

* ok, i didn't research this point, but it sounds good and anyone can feel free to prove me wrong ;-)


Anonymous said...

ARCA has a fan networking site I believe.


peter said...

good call on ARCA. i like the look, navigation and integration into the main site, but the traffic seems weak.

peter said...
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Anonymous said...

yep, i'm sure the ARCA traffic isn't too heavy. as far as I know, their networking thing just started with this season.

#20 to the front this weekend. the draught comes to an end!