Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Long Day in Two Hour Increments

Last Saturday was a full day of soccer related activities....watching that is (i'm not much of a player).

Most everything was in two hours blocks (with time off in between for getting places).

10 am to Noon: Highbury Pub in Milwaukee for Fulham 2, Derby 2 and Arsenal 3, Bolton 2 matches.

1 pm to 3 pm: Home resting up for the big night.

3 pm to 5 pm: Drove to Chicago (listened to Fire Spanish language pre-game show with Oscar Guzman, Batata and Dr. Gil Muñoz)

5 pm to 7 pm: The Globe Pub for Fire's opening night 1-1 draw at Salt Lake. A late Temoc Blanco goal saved the day...and i think i might have gotten RSL Coach Jason Kreis in hot water with MLS. The highlight besides Blanco's goal was seeing the Bauser sisters (Lauren, Leah and Dana) and their mom (Bev Bauser).

7:30 pm to 9:30 pm: Went to Cicero Stadium with the entire Chicago WPS staff (Marcia McDermott, Alyse LaHue and me!) for Windy City Roller Derby which featured The Fury blowing a lead at the end and falling to the Double Crossers 41-40 and Hell's Belles slaughtering the Manic Attackers. WC Rollers are great promoters and successfully draw a demographic that we'd love to have in our supporters section. The background music was great. They even had songs for old guys like me (English Beat's Mirror in the Bathroom and X's Johnny Hit and Run Paulene!)

10:15 pm to 12:15 am: Birthday party for former and future co-worker Greg Zaskowski at a Ukrainian Church gymnasium. Kind of had that 8th grade sock hop feel to it. Saw a lot of old friends from our Chicago Fire days including Vince Formanek, Steve Dilenardi, Jessica Yavitz, Jessica Caldwell, Mike and Kim Beauvais, Nick Zahos, Agatha Mankiewicz and Dr. Gil Munoz.

Good times.

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