Monday, April 28, 2008

Here's The Story...

Tuesday's announcement of Chicago WPS' Director of Ticket Sales means that our first five staff members are Team President and CEO Peter Wilt, General Manager Marcia McDermott, Sponsor Sales Director Bobby McAuliff, Operations Manager Alyse LaHue and Director of Ticket Sales Greg Zaskowski. Greg worked with me at the Fire as the team's Manager of Ticket Sales. I am very excited to have him on board and just hope he doesn't leave us for a turn as Johnny Bravo.

If your name is Jan or Cindy and you are interested in a career in soccer administration, you may want to shoot us your resume...just sayin'.

With a little bit of luck, this could be the 2009 Chicago WPS staff photo!


Anonymous said...

What if my name is Jan but I am a guy? Would that work?

Pocket Rebel said...

Are you going to consider someone named Oliver Cousins? Or would that mean the team had jumped the shark?

peter said...

Guy Jans definitely qualify - even Jan as in Jan Stenerud.

Great comment about Oliver, which gets me thinking that regardless of the team name, the mascot may well be "Tiger".

Also, I neglected to mention an important fact in the original post. At the suggestion of his older sister to his parents, Greg Zaskowski was actually named after Greg Brady!! SCARY!

Anonymous said...

Peter!!! I already sent my resume! I'm glad Greg's back! He's a nice guy!