Thursday, April 3, 2008

Countdown 366 Days...

Tomorrow is the negative one year anniversary of Women's Professional Soccer's (WPS) inaugural season*.

There is so much left to do and it seems like there's not much time. Compared to the lead up of the Chicago Fire's inaugural season, however, we are well ahead of schedule.

I started as Chicago MLS' first employee July 1, 1997, which was about nine months before the team's first game. I started as Chicago WPS' first employee September 1, 2007, which was about 19 months before the team's first game.

Chicago MLS became the Chicago Fire, hired Bob Bradley as Head Coach, started staffing up and selling season tickets in October, 1997 and Piotr Nowak was signed as the team's first star player in December, 1997. Chicago WPS will certainly beat the Fire's timeline on team name, staffing, start of ticket sales, head coach and star player signing. i feel good right now that the quality of the Chicago WPS selections will stack up pretty well to the quality achieved a decade ago. If that bears out, we'll all have something special to look forward to beginning one year from tomorrow!

*exact date may vary

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