Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Darn Rules Keep Getting in Jason's Way

Former Dallas Burn/FC Dallas scoring star Jason Kreis couldn't keep his goal scoring record from being broken, but he is having no trouble breaking MLS' rules.

i think i may have gotten him in a little trouble this week by asking some MLS folks if it was ok for an MLS coach to wear a lapel pin featuring a competitor of the League's exclusive apparel supplier.

Adidas is supporting the League that supports Jason's family to the reported tune of more than $100 Million over ten years. Makes one wonder why he would pimp their biggest competitor on the sidelines?

The Nike lapel pin was clearly visible in several sideline shots, but can also be seen ten seconds into this video

Since Jason has taken over as Head Coach last season, RSL has had a hard time following rules. Last year alone RSL was accused of breaking League rules at least three times:

* Tampered with Dallas goalkeeper Jeff Cassar - fined $20,000 and lost a 2009 2nd round pick to FC Dallas.
* Wore away uniforms at home without receiving League permission - fined $10,000.
* Accused of tampering with New England Revolution's Shalrie Joseph.

RECORDS are made to be broken Jason, not rules.


Anonymous said...

I guess I'd be pissed too if my home team was completely outplayed and outclassed by a bunch of newbies (RSL). Get over your bitterness and off Coach Kreis' back.

Trav said...

Great April Fools joke!

peter said...

Not pissed, not bitter. Just pointing out that "Coach Kreis" has more problems following MLS rules than all the other MLS coaches combined.

Am actually pleased that the Fire was one of two teams that managed an away point the opening weekend on that poor excuse for a soccer field. i am looking forward to the new RSL Stadium. From the drawings, i think it will be the nicest stadium in the League to date (Toyota Park included).

Anonymous said...

It has been updated that there is no fine or penalty because he has a personal contract with Nike much like Arenas did.

peter said...

My League sources must not have been aware that his personal contract would overide the League's deal.

Anonymous said...

You lost all credibility with me. Whether you knew it or not that he had a personal contract with Nike, you should have used more than one source. I think a retraction and apology to Jason is in order.

peter said...

FYI, I had multiple sources in MLS and none of them were happy (to say the least) about the bit of ambush marketing. The only denial right now seems to be from RSL communications, not MLS. The question is whether or not the adidas deal trumps the Nike deal or vice versa. I guess we'll all find out together tomorrow night during RSL's next game when we see whether or not Jason's wearing the pin.

peter said...

No apologies coming from here...i'm pretty certain Mr. Kreis has not worn his swoosh lapelpin the last two games. Nor do i expect him to wear it on the sidelines anymore. If anyone has evidence to the contrary, please share with the class.