Friday, March 7, 2008

Supporters Rights

There is a very important issue being debated about MLS supporters groups' rights to access to away game tickets due to Toronto FC's refusal to accommodate Section 8 Chicago's request (initially made awhile ago) to hold a block of seats for the Fire's away supporters.

i have strong feelings about this issue, but after reading Tom Dunmore's fine commentary, realized that i couldn't express my thoughts better than he did. All i can say is that i support his position and hope that MLS realizes that the addition of Philadelphia, due to the Sons of Ben and its proximity to the Red Bulls and United, has the potential to be the tipping point of turning MLS from a League supported mainly by suburban soccer families to one whose base audience of suburban soccer families is infused on a REGULAR basis with passionate fans who follow and promote the League seriously. Now is the time to build the supporters culture, not to constrict it.

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