Friday, March 7, 2008

The Pogues and Soccer fans

It's March in the U.S., so that means all the best Irish bands are travelling stateside for the next few weeks. Last night i went to see The Pogues at the Riv in Chicago and defied all odds by seeing Shane MacGowan put on a sober show for the second time in two years. Last year i went to their first Chicago show the night before he reportedly mumbled and stumbled through the second show. This year, i went to the second night after he was reportedly ill suited for public entertainment purposes the previous evening.

While waiting in the lobby for the Ike Reilly Assassination to hit the stage, i was chatted up by a number of soccer friends from Milwaukee and Chicago. During the show, it was music to my ears to hear Fire supporters break into Section 8 chants after "Dirty Old Town" or "Fiesta" or "The Irish Rover".

The apparent preponderence of Fire supporters reinforced the idea i've had for awhile that there are good cross marketing opportunities for soccer clubs and music clubs. After being handed a Flogging Molly cd promo piece on the way out of the theater, i made a point to remind myself that the Chicago WPS team will need to have a street team to hand flyers out in front of Chicago music venues when we start up next year.

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Anonymous said...

There were Fire chants at the Wednesday night show too. Spotted few scarves and hats as well. Had a good time, although we should have probably chose Thursdays show, as a combo of a punctual Shane and a Peter Wilt jig would have made it so much better.