Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Comparisons Between the Men's and Women's Game

After yesterday's post about the Mexico Women's National Team vs. University of Illinois game, Flynn asked the following question:

When you go to games like last night's, do you see them as (a) a scouting opportunity, (b) a chance to assess how women's soccer events are currently set-up/hosted in Chicago, or (c) just a fun time to get out and see some soccer?

(or "d" all of the above?)

This is my answer: All of the above. It also helps me get a better idea of the style and pace of the women's game. i haven't watched nearly as much women's soccer as men's soccer, so it's really helpful to me to see as many games as possible. It's definitely a different game. The flow of the game, if not the pace, is faster with fewer breaks, because generally there are fewer fouls and the game is less physical. More respect is given and received to officials and opponents. In many women's games, the technical and tactical awareness is better than in many men's games. The men's game is faster paced and the goalkeeping is generally superior resulting in higher scoring games on the women's side. Check this out for several (14) interesting perspectives on the comparisons of the men's and women's games.

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