Sunday, March 30, 2008


i hope this blog won't get jealous, but i've started a relationship with another soccer news service -'s Backdraft News and Views. The leaders of Section 8 asked me to contribute occassionally with news oriented articles and my first attempt is here.

The concept is a good one and if handled properly, will provide unique perspectives of the Fire and MLS. While i think my own "former insider" perspective will be of interest, i think the supporters themselves are in a position to provide thoughts and news that can not be reported elsewhere. The minimal journalistic background of most of their reporters will provide certain challenges and obstacles including concerns of professionalism, but i think most of the new reporters will be sensitive to that and the tradeoff for the occasional journalistic misstep will be news filtered only by an independent, concerned view of the team and League. i look forward to following the 2008 MLS season as translated by witnesses from a brand new angle.


-cman- said...

Hey Peter! Teriffic blog. I'm looking forward to brining my kids in to see some great women's football and looking forward to a new Fire season.

As a only partly unrelated matter, have you heard of Templeton Rye Whiskey? It is made here in Iowa. I'm not much of an American Whiskey drinker (more of a scotch guy) but this stuff is ambrosia. If you see me at the tailgate on Thursday, I'll bring a pint for you and the other Whiskey Bros.



peter said...

Thanks Connor! i have not heard of Templeton Rye. i'm more of a PBR guy, but will occassionally toast Brandon and his co-conspirators with Jameson.

While i'd be honored to be a member of WB05, my supporters group of record is the infamous Mike Ditka Street Crew.