Friday, September 26, 2008

Milwaukee Becomes Center of the American Soccer Blogosphere

Milwaukee, Wisconsin has long been known as the home of the Cunninghams and Arthur Fonzarelli, the home of Harley-Davidson motorcycles and the beer capital of the world.

Tomorrow, albeit temporarily, Milwaukee adds another title: Soccer Blogging Capital of America. By sheer coincidence, at least six of America's soccer bloggers will converge on the Cream City.

Tom Dunmore of Pitch Invasion, Bruce McGuire of DuNord, Kenn Tomasch of, Jim Kogutkiewicz and Colin Deval of Match Pricks and your truly will all be in Milwaukee.

All except Kenn will be at The Highbury Pub to watch the morning's Premier League and Bundesliga matches. Kenn will unfortunately miss the morning festivities as he will be in Madison to broadcast the University of Wisconsin vs. Michigan men's soccer match for the Big 10 Network. i will get a chance to see the Fire's former play by play man tomorrow night as we enjoy Milwaukee's best stuffed pizza at Tenuta's.

Additional incentive to stop by the Highbury and meet the bloggers is included in the photo above of the Highbury crew tailgating at Toyota Park.


Kenn Tomasch said...

I have my own tag! I'm somebody now!

Yes, I'm in Madison (after Mapquest sent me here on SR 18 - I am sure there's a better way). Game's in a few hours.

Y'all enjoy. See you tonight, PW.

Rich said...

Hey Peter--great to see something new on your blog. I'm getting more excited daily watching you and Emma putting an attacking soccer team together. Mostly I've seen Heather Garriock as a left side midfielder/attacker, but the release about Alex Scott mentions Heather as a defender. It looks like Emma's thinking of using them as overlapping wingbacks, much like Pia is using Chalupa and Mitts on the WNT. If we can sign most of these ladies, next summer should be something Chicago has never seen. Cristiane and Karen Carney are both world class strikers. I'm so happy that my high school girls will be able to see such a high level of women's soccer. I'd like to drive up to Milwaukee tonight, but my Illini are playing Penn State. Let's get those girls signed.

peter said...

Thanks Rich. You are right about Heather's natural position. That may have been a typo. Emma is leading the charge putting this exciting team together. Marcia McDermott, Denise Reddy and i are merely providing her with assistance in the process.

Rich said...

Well, my Illini football team didn't quite get the job done tonight. But tomorrow we get another shot--the Illinois women's soccer team is playing NU in Evanston on their lakefront soccer field at 12 Noon. Illinois beat Wisconsin 2-1 Friday in Madison. Janet Rayfield has a nice team again this year. I also wanted to mention that last Saturday I thought Kacey White was quite impressive at right mid on the US WNT. She's really quick attacking on the flank and made some nice crosses. I also thought the atmosphere at Thursday's Fire game was the best I've seen at Toyota Park. Things are looking up for soccer in Chi-town.

kebzach said...

How was Tenuta's? We were going to stop in there but then they got robbed soon thereafter, right before we were going to go. That was about 18 months ago.

I missed out on the Highbury fun today because I got to spend all day re-formatting this damn computer. Some NKOTB fan who shall remain nameless may have downloaded a song with a virus on it while our Norton subscription was lapsed.

peter said...

Tenuta's was great. Their stuffed pizza really is terrific and i love neighborhood places like that.