Friday, September 12, 2008

"Hey Ronnie Have Some Water!"

The Chicago Red Stars had a staff outing to the White Sox game last night. It was another good bonding experience that helps make our off the field team as much of a team as we expect our on the field team to be.

Thanks to John Daley, we were able to sit kinda close to the field. From there we were able to see inside the Sox dug out and witness Mark Buehrle throwing a cup of water at Ronnie Woo Woo who invaded the south side! Ronnie's no Andy the Clown. Buehrle's my new hero.


Samantha said...

Where can I get a Red Stars hooded sweatshirt??

peter said... (may or may not be up on the store for a few days though)

Flynn said...

Everything about this story is good news.