Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Soccer, Baseball, Soccer, Baseball

i never understood why some soccer fans feel the need to rip on baseball just like many fans of traditional American sports rip on soccer. i think people should be welcome to be fans of both sports just like people should be welcome to be fans of both the White Sox and the Cubs.

Well,the next four days will provide plenty of great action for fans of both soccer and baseball.

We've got the Fire vs. Chivas USA on national television tomorrow night, Euro Quarterfinals starting up this weekend and the USWNT rolling into the Peace Queen Cup Final tonight with an anticipated victory over Italy.

On the baseball side, the Cubs/Sox rivalry moves to the north side.

i'll be watching Friday's game from the venerable Bridgeport Sox tavern Schaller's Pump. My dad went to grade school with owner Jackie Schaller in the 1930s at St. Sabina's on the south side. i believe Schaller's is Chicago's oldest tavern and is worth the trip just for their signature butt steak!

i'll be viewing Saturday's game from one of the Wrigley rooftops with Farnese member John Daley. This is the best way to watch a Sox game at Wrigley - i get to enjoy watching the Sox win without giving any money to the Cubs!

After the Sox rollover the Cubs, John and i will be heading over to the always awesome 17th Street block party in Pilsen. Get there early to cheer on the lucha libre from 2 pm to 4 pm and stay for Punk, Indie, Country and Mexican Rock from 4 to 8. Chicago Red Stars are sponsoring the lucha libre.


FxB said...

I don't understand the clash between fans of soccer and the mainstream American sports either, but it's a phenomenon that stretches beyond borders.

Here in Germany, where I currently find myself, there's quite a tussle between soccer and basketball fans. In Germany, of course, soccer is the established sport and basketball the "usurper," but the insults hurled between the two groups are exactly the same you'd hear in Waukegan or Des Moines.

Neil said...

Watch the Cubs comments, Peter, there's always time to cancel my 1871 season tickets!

Can't wait for the sweep, Go Cubs!

peter said...

All in good fun. My dad grew up on the south side and instilled the rivalry in me from a young age.

At the Red Stars staff meeting on Tuesday we took a poll of baseball allegiance. Among attendees, we had two Sox fans, two Cubs fans and two non-Chicago baseball fans.

Flynn said...

The 17th Street Block Party delivered what was promised: a darn good time.

Nice work by the Red Stars to sponsor the party AND provide ring girls between lucha libre matches.

ps - I heard a rumor that if any Cubs fans cancel their Red Stars season tickets, then the elusive Farnese will step in and buy 2 sets of season tix! ;-)