Monday, June 2, 2008

Long, emotional, difficult day...

...and i think tomorrow will be better. i was a lousy boss today. i'm supposed to set an exemplary standard for our staff and instead i let a series of frustrating events get to me on what should've been one of the most exciting days in the team's young history.

Monday was moving day for the Chicago TBAs. Started the day at our old downtown office working with our staff to complete "starter kits" for youth soccer leaders, media and guests at tomorrow's name announcement ceremony. Reached our new offices at Toyota Park before noon and encountered numerous bits of bad news and challenges throughout the rest of the day - internet failed in the afternoon, the test unveiling of the 400 sq. ft. logo banner got snagged on Toyota Park's brick arch, the forecast for tomorrow's outdoor unveiling turned ominous, word leaked out about the Bulls scheduling a news conference to announce Doug Collins as their head coach at the same time as our news conference, we had to scramble to find a solution to an on line logo unveiling problem, we had to scrap three versions of tomorrow's news release due to last minute changes from outside parties...and the whole Ring of Fire thing seemed to go sideways.

It's 16 hours since my work day started and i'm just now calming down and winding my day down. i have never worked with a better group of people and i got frustrated in front of them today. i did my best to turn an exciting day that should feel like Christmas Eve into a negative, bitter and even angry day.

i messed up. Thankfully our incredible staff rose above my petulance and i'll have another chance tomorrow to embrace this incredible opportunity we have and show the excitement, optimism and joy involved in leading this great project.

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