Monday, June 2, 2008

FC Indiana....they're good. Really good

Had the opportunity to watch a very good soccer team yesterday. FC Indiana showed a good soccer team, the Chicago Gaels, what a very good soccer team looks like. Both the W-League teams have partnerships with the new Chicago WPS team I am heading up.

Laura Del Rio, Maria Ruiz, Fatima Leyva, Lu Sitch, Monica Campo, Lena Mosebo, Veronica Phewa and their teammates proved to be superior in skill, technique, tactics and fitness on the way to a 3-0 victory. Gaels goalkeeper Erin Kane and midfielder Jen Buczkowski's sterling efforts led the way for the Gaels who forced the Lionesses to work hard till the end.

It was a beautiful sunny afternoon and a crowd described by Gaels owner Mark Boyle as the largest in Chicago W-League history (375 or so) cheered on the good play of both sides.

It will take a great - and lucky - team to derail the only professional women's soccer team in North America this season.

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