Monday, February 4, 2008

An Extraordinary Place

i introduced new Chicago WPS General Manager Marcia McDermott to The Globe Pub yesterday morning. The Globe is Chicago's - and according to, America's - number one soccer pub. We had another special experience at this very special place. As usual on a chilly Sunday morning, the place was packed with soccer supporters cheering on their favorite sides. Most were there cheering for Nigeria or Ghana in an incredibly exciting African Cup of Nations quarterfinal game. Others, including me, were cheering for FulAmerica (that's EPL side Fulham) in their home match against Aston Villa as the Cottagers staged a successful second half comeback in their efforts to stage a second half of the season comeback to avoid relegation. The third game being shown was Schalke vs. Stuttgart.

We experienced a once in a lifetime event twice in less than an hour. On three televisions set side by side, goals were scored virtually simultaneously in all three games....and then it happened AGAIN within the hour.

What made it memorable was the group of people who shared the experience. In addition to Marcia and old friends Chris Costello, Alfonso Mitchell, Nick DiBenedetto and his wife Jenny and my wife Ann, the place was jumping with passionate Ghanaian and Nigerian fans living and dieing with every tackle, cross and shot. When former Fire forward Junior Agogo struck the game winner in the 83rd minute, the Ghanaian contingent broke out into a wild ten minute celebration, which eventually poured out onto Irving Park Road.

Last week i was watching the Arsenal vs. Newcastle FA Cup match at the Globe when the head of Arsenal America's supporters group suddenly lifted a black case onto the table next to mine, opened it up and pulled out the actual FA Cup trophy won by the Gunners in 2005!

The week before, the Globe Pub was host to Section 8's annual holiday party, which featured more memorable moments including Denis Hamlett and Frank Klopas' introduction to the Fire Supporters in their new roles.

The Globe is a special place where extraordinary experiences are expected.


Fire Ron Guenther said...

Hi Peter! I didn't see you. I was seated at the bar watching the simultaneous goals also!

Dmitry said...

You've got a great blog here. Just wanted to say hello, and say keep up the good work!