Friday, February 8, 2008

Clerks 3: A Sequel to Star Trek 2

It was a star studded night at Primanti Brothers sandwich shop last night. i introduced the original Primanti Brothers in Pittsburgh to St. Louis Soccer United's Caryn Chasteen, Women's Professional Soccer's Aaron Burch and FUSE/ideas' Dennis Franczak, Jake DiMare and Jackie Barcamonte. The corned beef, steak, imported sardine and kolbassi sandwiches (all with cheese, cole slaw and french fries ON THE SANDWICH) were enjoyed with cold domestic Pennsylvania beers - Iron City, IC Light, Yuengling and Rolling Rock. While the WPS execs are stars in their own right, the highlight was the low key appearance of famed movie screen writer, director, producer, actor, comic book writer Kevin Smith (Clerks, Dogma, Mallrats, Chasing Amy)! Smith is in Pittsburgh filming his eigth movie "Zack and Miri Make A Porno". Jake nonchalantly made friends with The Silent Bob actor who ordered a sandwich to go.

This isn't the first time WPS execs have had a brush with greatness while dining following a day of League business. Dennis, Aaron and i were also on hand in Washington, DC a couple months ago right next to Star Trek legend Leonard Nimoy. Also with us that night were WPS Commissioner Tonya Antonucci and Chicago's Gary Weaver and Jack Cummins. None of us were brave enough to have a Jake moment with Mr. Spock though.

The USYS vendor exhibition kicked off tonight and the WPS booth was a popular stop as it was in Baltimore a few weeks ago. Saw many great old friends including former WUSA Ops Director Thom Meredith, Field Turf's Jim Froslid (who worked together at US Soccer in the 1990s), Keeper Goals' John Moynihan, Sports Pins International's Jon Bivens and Nevada State Director of Coaching Eddie Henderson.

i haven't seen Eddie since he retired from a terrific indoor career a decade ago. "Fast Eddie" was one of the most entertaining indoor players throughout the 1990s. There are a generation of fans in Seattle, Milwaukee and Wichita who got hooked on soccer by Eddie's play and personality. i'm very glad that he is still involved in the game at a high level. i had seen Eddie earlier in the day while addressing Region IV youth leaders and he stopped by the booth with WPS hopeful Courtney Sobrero. Courtney is a former Fresno State forward who has hooked onto semi-pro clubs in Denmark, England and the US trying to keep her career alive until WPS starts. She is a second cousin to US National Team star Kate Markgraf and hopes to follow her path to a career in professional soccer. Courtney was excited to hear about WPS developments and will be attending our Town Hall meeting today to learn even if Silent Bob and Mr. Spock don't stop by, we will have a potential future star on hand.

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