Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Advisory Board Report

Last night was our first Chicago WPS Advisory Board meeting. Toyota Park's Stadium Club was the site of this historic gathering of local soccer and business leaders. The mission of this group is two-fold: to educate and be educated.

Marcia and i spent the first half hour bringing the group up to date on the team and League's progress then spent the next 90 minutes asking questions and soliciting opinions and ideas of representatives of the team's many constituencies.

The Advisory Board includes:

Bob Armendariz - FireWorks For Kids Foundation
Mary Jane Bender - Illinois Youth Soccer Association
Mark Boyle - Chicago Gaels, W-League
Lisa Buczkowski – Youth Soccer Leader
Ben Burton - Chairman Section 8 Chicago
Jack Cummins – CPWS Shareholder
Flo Dyson - Illinois Women’s Soccer League
Wells Frice - AYSO Section 6
Dan Garnett - Toyota Park
Peter Glon – Sirens Soccer Club
John Guppy - Chicago Fire
Ed Hawkins – ZenFooty SoccerAcademy
Mark Kaufman - AthletiCo
Kathryn Knapp -
Paul Lackner - MYSC Lady Blues, WPSL
Rob Lepley – Trinity International Women’s Soccer Volunteer Coach
Anton Maksimov - FC Indiana, W-League
Bob McAuliff - The Venture Group
Judith McLean - Illinois State Soccer Association
Bob Morrison – CPWS Shareholder
Susan Morrison – CPWS Shareholder
Debra Augle - Village of Bridgeview
Tom Stutesman - Julie Foudy Leadership Camps
Dale Weaver – CPWS Shareholder
Gary Weaver – CPWS Shareholder
Arnim Whisler – CPWS Shareholder
Jim Willett – CPWS Shareholder
Kathi Willett – CPWS Shareholder
Peter Wilt – CPWS Shareholder

It's a good diverse group and represents many of the communities and groups that we will need to work with in order to be successful. We expect the group to grow over time. We will meet as a group four times per year, but individually we expect to communicate regularly via telephone, email and in person. This group will serve as our ear into the community,will provide us feedback ideas, contacts and resources.

Here's the agenda,which will give you an idea about the topics that were covered. i'll post some of the ideas that came up in the meeting later this week:

I. Introductions

II. League Update
a. Status of 7 teams, possibility for expansion
b. League efforts at promotion—town halls, media, website
c. Players

III. Team Update
a. Timeline for Hiring Front Office Staff
b. Upcoming Events and Promotions
c. Sponsorship Update

IV. Discussion Topics

a. Brand/Audience
i. Audiences
1. Traditional
2. Non-Traditional
ii. Name of Team Parameters
iii. Publicity/Media
iv. Promotion Via Internet
v. Advertising
vi. Kids Club/Club Teen

b. Community Relations
i. Town Halls
ii. Outreach Via Internet
iii. Volunteers

c. Stadium Experience
i. Entertainment at games
ii. Time and Day of Games
iii. Supporters Section – Location and Development
iv. Use of Stage End
v. Broadcast – Radio, TV and Internet

d. Revenue Streams
i. Ticket Prices
ii. Group Tickets
iii. Season Tickets
iv. Charitable Tickets
v. Sponsor sales
vi. Camps

V. Q and A

The discussion was healthy. A lot of good ideas back and forth. i think if we respect the group, keep them informed and truly listen to them and not just give lip service to them, it will be an effective way to keep in touch with our various key audiences.

We're off to a good start.

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