Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Off to more euphemisms

Seems like the entire US soccer world is going to be in Baltimore this week. Many are already there. i'm off for Bal'more on a 7 am flight tomorrow morning (which requires a 3:45 am wake up...WHAT was i thinking??). Looking forward to women's league meetings tomorrow and Friday and then the MLS Super Draft. The League is also hosting a "Town Hall" in room 338 at the Convention Center Saturday at 11 am featuring Commissioner Antonucci and others involved in the League.

Also looking forward to the League's unveiling of its name, logo, and website ('s scheduled for tomorrow). i'll finally be able to stop using euphemism's such as "the new women's league", "the new WUSA", "the new women's pro league," etc.

If you're going to be in Baltimore, please look me up. When i'm not in meetings or the MLS Super Draft, i'll probably be at the Renaissance Hotel lobby bar or on the convention floor at "the new women's professional soccer league's" booth.

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Frank said...

Have a safe flight. Cant wait to hear all the news about the new league and most importantly our Chicago team. Hope to see you at the party on the 25th.