Sunday, January 13, 2008

A Full Glass of Sports

i am a fan of most sports, not just soccer. Yesterday was a bit of nirvana for me as i spent ten hours at my favorite Milwaukee soccer bar, The Highbury Pub, ( watching the Premier League, college basketball and the NFL playoffs.

Started at 8:30 am for the Arsenal v. Birmingham City draw. The Highbury, as it's name suggests, is mainly an Arsenal pub, but it is also frequented by a good number of passionate Liverpool and Manchester United fans and a sprinkling of West Ham, Tottenham, Chelsea, Everton and Fulham (of which i am one) supporters, too. The Liverpool v. Middlesbrough draw and Chelsea's 2-0 victory over Spurs were also shown during the early games. Those were followed by the 6-0 United shellacking of Newcastle.

The rest of the day was dedicated to my two Wisconsin sports bias'. As the soccer purists left, i watched my alma mater Marquette Warriors trample Notre Dame by 26 points. As sweet as that is for me, it was only an appetizer for the main course as the Highbury filled up again for the Packers playoff game.

i had brought my "lucky" wedge of Frozen Tundra Lambeau Field sod from the 1997 season and Joe Katz, the Highbury's proprietor, offered "Turf Toe" shots (Jameson sprinkled with a bit of the famous frozen sod) after each Packer touchdown. The Packers obliged with six touchdowns and by my count, Joe served more than 30 Turf Toes...only in Wisconsin.

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jennjarmula said...

Hey Peter,

Yesterday ROCKED!!

MU looked great and consistant for change...

After a shakey start, the Packers looked damn good too!

I was all about the lucky charms as well...MU Final Four Tee, covered by the jersey Brett gave to me a couple weeks after they won the Super Bowl...both covered from potential spillage by my favorite Fire hoody...Seemed to have done the trick...

Great seeing you on Friday...