Thursday, January 10, 2008

If it's broke, fix it

i'm referring to the Fire's coach selection process as well as my latest appliance battle.

In my mind, John Spencer's acceptance and quick rejection of the Chicago Fire's coaching position is a blessing. If he would've accepted the position, two things could've happened:

1) He'd fail and that wouldn't be good or...
2) He'd succeed and soon try to leverage his success for more money/glory in Scotland or Colorado where i believe he really wants to coach.

Now i just hope that Denis Hamlett along with Daryl Shore and maybe Frank Klopas and Chris Armas get a chance to run the team themselves. i'm disappointed that Denis and Daryl haven't received more support from the community. Denis and Daryl were an important part of our success under Bob Bradley (one MLS Cup, two US Open Cups and two conference championships) and Dave Sarachan (one Supporters Shield, two US Open Cups and a conference championship) as well as the limited success Juan Carlos Osorio had in his short time in Chicago (one playoff appearance).

People either forget or ignore the fact that the Fire has won six major trophies with Denis as an important part of both the assembling and the coaching of the Fire. He was responsible for Ivan Guerrero, among others, joining the Fire and he tried to keep JCO from letting Ivan go. He also tried to keep JCO from signing Paulo Wanchope last year due to information he had about Wanchope's knees. The Fire has also won four major trophies with Daryl as a part of it. He brings great knowledge of all levels of American soccer, he comes from a coaching family, which has instilled the skill and art of coaching in him since he was a little kid. Daryl is much more than a goalkeeper coach - though he's very good at that as well. Frankie and Chris' abilities are much more public and i shouldn't need to expound on their attributes.

i believe the tradition of the Fire is important, should be respected and the team now has a great opportunity to embrace its successful past and use it to lead the team to more success.

For those following my apppliance woes, the new refrigerator arrives today, but the washing machine's cold water shut off valve malfunctioned yesterday flooding the basement...sigh...i'm betting on the dish washer next.


IAN said...

Peter, I certainly hope you are right.

peter said...

Thanks Ian. i'm not saying this guarantees success. Just saying that Denis will give the Fire its best chance for success in the short and long term.