Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Soccer News Overload

Just a ridiculous amount of American soccer news flooding my inbox this week and most of it is good.

MLS Expansion - Vancouver, which was announced today, and Portland later this week.

DC Stadium - The soap opera continues

WPS Expansion - Philly is going to be a great franchise.

Seattle's sold out inaugural game - The whole Sounders success is the best story in MLS history.

MLS opening weekend - This seems really early, but can't wait to see if Toronto has really improved that much and if the entire Western Conference is really worse than the entire Eastern Conference.

WPS teams trimming rosters - With only seven teams, there are going to be some very good players in the W-League this year.

Michael Bradley finds his scoring boots - And he's helping save Mönchengladbach's season.

Soccer and Twitter, a match made in heaven - Only 15 years ago, it was nearly impossible to find out ANY information about soccer anywhere, now in the new age of instant information, Twitter is pushing out incredible amounts of soccer information constantly.

Red Stars first pre-season game vs. another WPS team. Follow my Twitter updates at RedStarsCEO for lineups and game updates.

Have a great rest of the week and i hope to see everyone at the IYSA Expo this Saturday in Schaumburg.

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