Thursday, March 5, 2009

Optimism from the WPS Owners Meetings

During these days of economic crisis when every television, newspaper and Twitter report is of certain doom and gloom*, it was refreshing to participate in two days of WPS owners meetings this week that included a number of positive indicators for the League's launch and future.

Individual teams and the League both had good reports on ticket sales, sponsor direction and expansion. While some teams are further ahead than others on ticket sales, the League overall is averaging around 1,000 season tickets per team with more than a month to launch and the teams that started the slowest are making the greatest gains recently.

i'm encouraged by the willingness and ability of teams that started slowly to react quickly and address their business needs. i think that's an indicator of the level of engagement the ownership in WPS has, which is greater than the WUSA's ownership.

While sponsorship sales are down throughout the sports industry, WPS is making good progress with a dozen or so companies whose customers fit our targeted audience. Several teams are also in serious discussions for jersey front presenting sponsorships. While some of these talks will close and some will not, it is apparent that the League's message and audience is resonating with corporate America even during these difficult times.

And finally, the positive talk on the expansion front continues to strengthen our belief as owners that we are on the right business path. The League has taken a focused approach to expansion that is resulting in identification of quality leadership that will grow WPS and assure the League's long term sustainability.

*That doom and gloom article was written in 2005 as a spoof...kinda eerie how accurate the "spoof" turned out to be.


Kenn Tomasch said...

Did you see Goff's piece in the Post that painted a slightly less optimistic picture?

(PS it touched on the Red Stars' relationship with their landlords vs. the Freedom's relationship with their older brother.)

peter said...

Yes I did. That's why the image is a glass half full. The pessimistic view mentioned in the Post article is self-evident these days. I wanted to present the positive view from inside the board room.

Anonymous said...

Any comments about Purdue University game?

peter said...

i mentioned the Purdue game in today's post. Boilermakers played well. Even though PU was fresh and we had just finished the Northwestern game, we should've played better than we did.

Emma used the games to help her decide on the half dozen cuts needed prior to the seven US and Foreign national team players joining us in Florida next week.