Friday, November 21, 2008

U.S. Soccer Central

The Hyatt Century Plaza in Los Angeles will be the center of the United States professional soccer world the next couple days as both Major League Soccer and Women's Professional Soccer are hosting important League meetings in conjunction with Sunday's MLS Cup.

i arrived yesterday evening and had the opportunity to speak with the following people from the soccer world:

John Guppy - First person i saw when i walked into the hotel. We sat at the bar and had great conversation for more than an hour. i'm sure there are many people that would have wagered against us being friendly, but i never held a grudge against John and have always been friendly with him.
Dave Mosca - Consultant for Soccer United Marketing and Philadelphia's MLS Expansion Team
Jack Cummins - Chicago Red Stars Legal Counsel and investor
Karyn Lush - WPS Managing Editor and Internet Producer
Jason Cohen - WPS Director of Business Development/Associate Legal Counsel
Curt Onalfo - Kansas City Wizards Head Coach
Tonya Antonucci - WPS Commissioner
Aileen Nasypany - WPS Office Manager, Assistant to the Commissioner
Patrick McCabe - Well known and successful player representative with First Artist
Barry McLean - Canadian based FIFA licensed agent
Aaron Burch - WPS League Development/Relationships Manager
Charlie Stillitano - Legendary new Jersey based soccer executive
Dr. Joe Machnik - Legendary goalkeeper, camp owner, soccer executive and referee leader, but i'll always remember Doc as the American Indoor Soccer Asociation's Commissioner when i started with the Milwaukee Wave.
Rachel Epstein - WPS Director of Marketing

And that was just the first few hours i was here. More updates later.


Flynn said...

Peter - Since you are networking in LA this weekend, have you considered reaching out to any members of the film / entertainment industry?

As you may well know, former Section 8 supporter, MDSC Carl, just finished working as the cinematographer for "Angel of Death" - starring Zoe Bell and Lucy Lawless.

Perhaps you two could combine and use your Hollywood muscle to produce "Kick It!", a teen-centric musical short about Chicago girls who aspire to be pro soccer players. The non-stop action, zany antics and well-choreographed musical numbers would make the film an instant classic.

peter said...

i'm hoping to see many Hollywood luminaries this week. So far i've had abrush with greatness with Kevin Pollack and am on the lookout for Ken Osmond (Eddie Haskell), Dodie from My Three Sons and C Carl.

Flynn said...

When I was out there a couple of months ago, I saw Jennifer Garner taking a walk through Beverly Hills.

(Well, it was debatable. I knew from keeping up with Perez Hilton that Garner was pregnant. And I clearly saw a pregnant woman. In Beverly Hills. "Q.E.D." I said, "that's clearly her." My companions, however, dissented.)

Here's hoping your search for Eddie Haskell and C-Carl goes better.