Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Happy Birthday Chicago Fire!

Wednesday is the 11th anniversary of the news conference at Navy Pier where we announced the name, logo and colors of Chicago's Major League Soccer team. This month is also the tenth anniversary of the Fire's inaugural season double championship. The Fire had planned and promoted a special gala anniversary celebration at Toyota Park this Friday. Unfortunately, the event was cancelled a couple weeks ago. i was told the cancellation was due to the unavailability of key players and staff from the 1998 team.

There will, however, be more than 15 members of the original Fire organization at Sunday's Fire game vs. Columbus at Toyota Park. i learned today that Lubos Kubik, Josh Keller and Manny Lagos from that special team will be at Sunday's game. Other members of the 1998 Fire organization expected to be in attendance through their current responsibilities are current Fire coaches Denis Hamlett, Mike Jeffries and Chris Armas, Technical Director Frank Klopas, Director of Team Operations Ron Stern, Director of Community Relations Jessica Yavitz, Athletic Trainer Liaison Rich Monis, Toyota Park's Dan Garnett, Mary Mazza and Kevin Spudic and Fire players Diego Gutierrez and C.J. Brown. i will also attend the game as i am sure will many other original Fire staff members who continue to support the Fire. i believe there will be an announcement of the Fire's all-decade team, the decade's best games and other all decade announcements on Sunday. i haven't heard of any formal celebration, but if you're at the game raise a toast to the 1998 Chicago Fire and i shall do the same.


kebzach said...

how did I know you'd be making this post...although I didn't think you'd put it up at 12:01am.

A.Ruiz said...

We really need to bring those socks back.

Sandeep said...

Haha, I miss those socks too! I recently found out, though, that Diego Gutierrez is now on, this new social networking site that connects athletes and fans. It’s like facebook, except now you get to talk to your favorite sports stars directly, so I'll probably ask him what he thinks about those socks.