Thursday, May 22, 2008

Higher Expectations

Chicago WPS W-League affiliate FC Indiana outshot the Michigan Hawks 18-3 on its way to a 5-0 victory in its home opener in Indianapolis Wednesday night.

Most coaches would take the three points and dominating performance and be pleased. But FCI Head Coach Shek Borkowski, though not angry, was displeased with his team's overall performance - especially their appearance to cruise through the game.

Afterwards, Shek said, “At 3-0 we stopped playing,” he said. “When you lead 3-0 it is natural to think you are going to win – but Michigan made it difficult for us and never gave up.

"Our second half substitutes played with some intensity," he continued. At least one moment had Borkowski cheering. He smiled briefly when Laura del Rio blazed in her third goal after a good pass by Moore to make it 5-0. “Everything about that was perfect,” he said. “Moore’s pass was fantastic, and del Rio produced a great finish. It’s important to us that she keeps on scoring.”

FC Indiana defender Aivi Luik, meanwhile, echoed her coach’s relief at getting past this hurdle. “We are not pleased at the performance – although it’s never easy to concentrate when you’re three goals up,” she said.

i think W-League teams may be in for some tough nights when the League's newest team, FC Indiana, shows up on their schedule this season.

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