Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Head Coach To Be Announced Tomorrow!

The big news tomorrow is the naming of Chicago WPS' inaugural head coach. But we also have a board of directors meeting, an owners tour of our new offices (more on that in a future post) and a meeting with an indoor facility.

i thought you might like to see our internal schedule for everything that's going on tomorrow. With the name of the coach (hopefully) redacted throughout, here's tomorrow's internal schedule (btw, the coach's name does not have eight letters ;-)).


10:00 am – Staff arrives at Toyota Park (Amber, Alyse, Greg, Marcia and peter) . Make sure media room is set up with podium, sound, WPS press backdrop and check in table at Media Room entry all set.

10:30 am – Media check in begins – Amber greets and directs at the door, Alyse sits at check in table, hands out news releases and asks attendees to sign in. (Alyse, please make a simple sign in sheet with name and affiliation. Three pages, 15 lines per page.)

10:30 am - Photographer (Katie) begins taking head shots in front of WPS press backdrop. xxxxxxxx, Marcia and peter, Amber and Alyse first, then the other five staff and owners in any order. Greg, please relieve Amber and Alyse while their photos are being taken. Send xxxxxxxx’s photo to Karyn Lush for posting.

10:55 am - Alyse sends News Release (with xxxxxxxx photo link) and conference call advisory out to Chicago WPS media data base and Special Chicago WPS Email Insider to Chicago WPS general data base. Jen Peters sends news release and conference call advisory out to F-H Chicago sports list, F-H priority soccer list and international soccer list.

11:00 am - News Conference Starts in TP Media Room
• Welcome and opening remarks – 1-2 minutes (peter)
• Announcement, xxxxxxxx’s background and reasons for hiring xxxxxxxx – 3 to 5 minutes (Marcia)
• Acceptance and remarks – 3-5 minutes (xxxxxxxx)
• Q&A (xxxxxxxx and Marcia)
• Posed photo op (Marcia and xxxxxxxx)
• One on one interview opportunities (xxxxxxxx, Marcia and peter)

Noon – 2:30 pm – Managers Meeting in TP Conference Room 4. Second floor near Stadium Club entrance (Gary, Arnim, Jim, peter and Jack).

1:00 – 1:30 pm - Media Conference call for Marcia and xxxxxxxx. Alyse on hand to assist. Jen Peters, F-H, to moderate call from St. Louis. Room tbd.

1:30 pm - Marcia joins Managers Meeting

Approx. 2:00 pm – xxxxxxxx, Amber, Greg and Alyse join Managers Meeting

2:30 pm – Tour of Chicago WPS offices 730 W. 71st Street (All)

3:45 pm –Depart Toyota Park for Meeting at Max McCook (Marcia, xxxxxxxx, Greg and peter)

i should add that after the last meeting, we're all going to head to the nearest public house to celebrate!

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