Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Guest Blog By Red Stars Supporter Pott Rodriguez

One of the more vocal Red Stars fans is Pott Rodriguez (to the left with Megan Rapinoe). Pott can pack a punch and she took issue with this week's SBI Power Rankings and decided to write her own. SBI's Christi Mann ranked the undefeated Red Stars 5th in the 7 team WPS, while Pott has the undefeated Red Stars 3rd.

Official and legal disclaimer: Pott's opinions and commentary do not necessarily reflect those of the Chicago Red Stars, WPS or me! Again, i don't agree with some of Pott's opinions, but i do support her passion (i had to add some "expletive deleteds" below) and her love of the Red Stars.

Pott's guest blog post follows:


I think Carli Lloyd is A BIT overrated for how she's been playing...it's like her and Cristiane r uncomfortable playing on this team and don't want to be a part of it. Their body chemistry isn't all there. Rapinoe and Dalmy should get more credit yes. Dieke and Carney should get more props too......Masar just needs to relax and play her game. I'm not sayin' this cuz i'm a Chicago fan but i bet the (expletive deleted) that wrote this article hasn't seen any of the games. I been to 2 Stars games. I've seen it myself. Here r my rankings:

1.SOL-They have Marta and u just can't (expletive deleted) with her and Boxxy.

2.BREAKERS-Kelly Smith mad skillz, dope team. A Rod needs to start taking on players 1v1....stop being scared. Lill, why don't u have a Jedi/Padawon talk with her....show her how u do.

3.CHICAGO-Ring leaders on this team are getting the credit and they haven't done (expletive deleted)..Blah blah Cristiane is hurt (stop crying!) Lloyd you're spose to be the bomb, not the grenade. Captain Tarp holdin' it down like she should scoring the only 2 goals they've had but still seems a lil timid. Never been the one to be loud out there but you're wearing the C now. ACT LIKE IT. Rapinoe shining like a true star but needs someone up top to share that spot light. Dieke and Dalmy da double Ds holdin' that (expletive deleted) down. CJ (Carre Jonsson) yah, can't (expletive deleted) wit her eeeitherr.....Masar, relax young one, you'll get yours. Carney (so underrated) still tryin to find tempo, you'll get yours too. (there I go again jackin bout my Red Stars and they have yet to show me a true victory) I STAND BY THEM 199%. props to Igwe and Frida too. and the rest of the crew.

4.FCGP-Two words, Tiffany Weimer. Two more words, Old timers. Ok ok two more, international players. This team is stacked from Japan to Brazil from 1968 to 1988. And when I say Brazil it's not just the players from there but the players who played there (TW). I had trouble whether I thought FCGP could be ranked 3 or 4 in my book but with all that talent I haven't really heard much since their 1st game. I do give them mad props for holdin' it down to just 1 goal vs Sol. We'll see more of them to come I'm sure.

5.Freedom-They're some of the original Gangstas. The team and players. Wambeezy....needed some games under her belt. She'll b back with a vengence. Scurry, will someone please send her to the retirement home already, damn i thought i saw her walker next to the goal the other day. If you're tryin' to hang with the youngins then stop (expletive deleted) around and play like it. Sawa, I like her, I just don't think she's found the rhythm yet. It's only week 4 right?

6.FCSB-I don't even know where to start. I saw them play in person and I'm not gonna lie....under those wet conditions, I was impressed. i don't really have anything bad to say about them cept that luck just hasn't been on their side. TK, HAO and Walsh r some work horsies and their goalies have been pretty steady. I'd be a lil salty tho if I lost to a college team. Oh well, it was a scrimmage right? bah!

7.Athletica-Hope, why you jinx your team jackin' about how you guys are going to take this league. Oh, I'm sorry did you forget LA has money to bring in players like Marta from the outter realm and demolish the rest of us?

but it's only week 4.....why am I upset?

And there you go....Pott's first WPS Power Rankings. Let me know if you think Pott is right on, somewhat off base or totally whacked out.

Next Red Stars game is this Saturday at Toyota Park at 7:30 pm vs. Boston.


WB05 El Guapo said...

I like her style. Keep up the good work Pott!!!

Toaddio said...

Rapinoe, Carney and Massar get my vote right now. While Ella might have looked a bit rough last game, she had a great tackle that almost took out an opposing player. I like that kind of bite on the field.

Laura said...

I agree that Carney is tremendously underrated. She was working her tail off in the game on Sunday.

Rapinoe looked impressive but nothing incredible. I'm looking forward to the next few games and hope to see the team get a flow and become more cohesive.

Angie said...

I agree 100% with everything that was said...especially about Lloyd.