Saturday, December 8, 2007

Back At It

Managed to sneak out of town for five days last week with my wife. It was Ann and i's first vacation in two years, aside from a few days in Door County earlier in the year. Picked the perfect week to go to Florida and escape the snow up here, though we did have to shovel a foot or so of the white stuff to get into our driveway last night. We have a snowthrower, but we didn't get home until midnight and i don't think the neighbors would've appreciated the motorized wake up call.

Managed also not to bring my lap top and pretty much limited my work to checking the CrackBerry a few times each day. The break has refreshed me and i feel energized heading into the holidays and what i'm anticipating will me an incredibly busy January for us. i'm off to meetings in the League office in San Francisco Monday and Tuesday. The main purpose of the meetings is to advance the League's strategic marketing plan, but we'll also be finalizing the League's operating agreement this week and discussing domestic and international player acquisition issues.

With the Bears off tomorrow (and done for the season), be sure to catch the NCAA Women's College Cup Championship. Florida State's upset of Notre Dame and USC's upset of UCLA yesterday set up an interesting final. The game will be televised live at 1:00 pm CT Sunday on ESPN2.

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