Monday, November 26, 2007

Many Thanks

i am fortunate to have many things to be thankful for this Thanksgiving:

The New Team - Having the opportunity to organize the new women's pro soccer team in Chicago is truly an honor.

The Community - An excited base of fans and soccer leaders ready to support the new team is making this fun.

Owners - In Chicago, we have a great group of investors who are committed for all the right reasons.

Future co-workers
- There are some very talented, hard working people with good character who are believers in this and plan on joining our efforts when we staff up next year. Some i have worked with in the past, some i have not. All will be committed and passionate.

Experience - A wealth of knowledge and wonderful memories from more than 20 years in professional soccer help me every day.

Tonya Antonucci - The League Commissioner is bright, dedicated and wise. Her leadership and the new business model ensure the League's success.
Other franchise owners - Our business partners throughout the League are engaged, experienced and committed.

Toyota Park - We will be playing in the best venue in the new women's pro soccer league. It is intimate, it can be intimidating to opponents and it has nice creature comforts for our fans.

Chicago Fire - A great team that has been supportive of our efforts all along. My successor at the Fire, John Guppy, and the team's new owner and our landlord Andell Holdings have been very helpful as we build up our organization.

Village of Bridgeview - Mayor Steve Landek, the trustees and staff have welcomed us and made it possible for the team to exist.
Illinois Women's Soccer League - Flo Dyson's leadership has provided us with a true partner in the soccer community and a large base of support.

FC Indiana - Their ownership brought this opportunity to me in the first place and provided the resources to make sure that Chicago wouldn't be left out this time.

My family and friends - Their support since i left the Fire has been unwavering and kept me going.

This is certainly just a part of what i have to be thankful for. i am grateful for your support. i hope you take the opportunity today to thank everyone in your life that is important to you and i wish you a wonderful and happy Thanksgiving.

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